Glass and Framing Solutions has partnered with GFTS Ltd to help introduce people to the glass and framing industry and establish apprenticeships. Such partnerships are instrumental in fostering skills development and creating opportunities within the industry.

Partnership Announcement: Glass and Framing Solutions and GFTS Ltd
is excited to announce our partnership with GFTS Ltd as we jointly work towards building a skilled and talented workforce in the glass and framing industry. This collaboration is rooted in our shared commitment to nurturing talent, promoting learning, and advancing our industry’s future.

At Glass and Framing Solutions, we have a strong legacy of providing high-quality glass and framing solutions to the construction and architectural sectors. We recognize that our industry thrives on innovation and the contribution of passionate individuals. To continue this tradition, we are dedicated to offering opportunities for people to grow their careers and achieve their fullest potential.

About GFTS Ltd:
GFTS Ltd is a leading provider of training and apprenticeship programs, with a focus on the glass and framing industry. Their expertise in education and skills development aligns perfectly with our vision to foster new talent and expand the horizons of our industry.

Benefits of Our Partnership:
Apprenticeship Opportunities: Through this partnership, we are excited to introduce a range of apprenticeship programs designed to provide aspiring professionals with hands-on experience and mentorship in the glass and framing field.

Skills Development: The collaboration allows us to offer comprehensive training, equipping apprentices with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in our industry.

Career Advancement: Apprentices will have the chance to work alongside seasoned experts and gain insights into various aspects of glass and framing solutions, setting them on a path towards a rewarding career.
Industry Innovation: Together with GFTS Ltd, we aim to contribute to industry innovation by nurturing fresh perspectives and ideas.

How to Get Involved:
If you are a motivated individual looking to start your career in the glass and framing industry or if you’re interested in our apprenticeship programs, we encourage you to stay tuned for further announcements and opportunities. Be part of our journey to shape the future of our industry.

We are thrilled about the possibilities that this partnership opens up for both aspiring professionals and our industry as a whole. Together with GFTS Ltd, we are committed to building a bright future for the glass and framing solutions sector.

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